January 6, 2019, 2:30 PM

2nd Story Pilates + Yoga

First Sunday of each month!  Join me for a monthly meditation class, starting on January 6, 2019, at 2nd Story Pilates+Yoga in Jackson Heights, Queens, from 2:30-3:30.  This meditation class will include mindful breath meditation, as well as at least one other mindfulness practice, such as lovingkindness, walking meditation or listening meditation.  Newcomers are welcome.  $8 community class. 


To book your spot, please visit www.secondstorymovement.com or sign up via their MindBody app.  

January 16, 2019, 6:00 PM

Prime Produce / The Guild for Good

Awakened Wednesdays at the Guild for Good!  Join Anurag Gupta and me at 424 W. 54th Street in Manhattan on Wednesdays, starting January 16, from 6-7 pm.   Each week Anu and I will alternate leading the class.  This meditation class will include mindful breath meditation, as well as other mindfulness practices such as lovingkindness, walking meditation or listening meditation.  Q&A will follow to allow for participants to deepen their practice.  Newcomers are welcome.  By donation.  For more info, check out the Facebook event page.


January 6, 2019, 8:00 PM

Freedom from Lack Teleconference

Are you ready to let go of lack in all areas of your life? Abundance is your birthright. We live in a complete and whole universe in which all of our needs can be met. But we don't always feel abundant, and we tend to focus instead on pain and lack. On this special two-hour teleconference, learn the single-most important shift you have to make to create an abundant mindset. You will receive channeled teachings on the nature of prosperity, guided meditations and healing with the Council of Light.  Plus, you'll be helping others! 50% of the proceeds from this teleconference will be donated to the World Food Programme to send some much-needed abundance to those facing food insecurity.


Exchange = $40.  Get your tickets here!


Note:  This is a teleconference.  Once you purchase a ticket, the dial-in and passcode will be sent to you.

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