1.  What is a Light transmission?


A Light transmission is a transmission of very high frequency energy that is directed at you.  The transmission does not come directly from me.  I am a conduit that creates a space for that energy to come to you from Source.  Source energy is available to you and around you at all times, but most people do not have the mental ability to access it.  Most people are focused on living in a very dense, physical body, and their minds are quite caught up in thoughts and perceptions about the physical world.  As a result, they cannot and do not perceive or connect to other aspects of reality.  This includes Source energy.


I have trained for years to be able to serve as a conduit for this energy.  This training allowed me to hold immense amounts of energy, and by doing so, to allow you to receive intense amounts of energy. 


2. Is a Light transmission like reiki?


A Light transmission is very different from reiki.  Reiki involves people using their own energy fields to convey a certain amount of energy to the client.  Since we are all connected to Source, that energy is a form of Source energy; by virtue of being alive we have and are connected to Source energy.  But the energy available through reiki is a much lower amount than is possible through Light transmission.  Since reiki practitioners are often certified through weekend courses, where they are attuned to the process of transmitting and connecting to another person’s energy field, their own bodies and energy fields have not undergone the process necessary to transmit significant amounts of energy. 


The energy in a reiki treatment is also not as pure as a Light transmission.  Part of my training for Light transmissions involved releasing massive amounts of karma, limiting beliefs, and negativity, thereby cleansing and purifying my energy field so that the energy that reaches you is clear.  Reiki practitioners lack this level of purification and therefore can unwittingly transmit negative energy that they carry with them and even their own karma to a client. 


3.  What do I have to do?


You do not have to do anything except be open to receive.  It is best to lie down in a comfortable position – on a coach, in our bed, or on a yoga mat – and keep your arms and legs uncrossed.  The idea is not to adopt any sort of closed or protective position; this is known as an open aura position.  You can have your palms facing up or down, but up is preferable.  You can be cover yourself with a blanket, of course.  You can also sit up in meditation and keep your hands open on your lap or knees; it is preferable to keep your legs uncrossed. 


During the transmission, you should try to relax and be present with the transmission.  You can do a simple breathing meditation, focusing on your breath, to avoid getting caught up in your thoughts.  You can also focus on your intention for the transmission, what you like the Light to work on and the outcome.

4.  What can I expect during the transmission?


Everyone’s experience is different, and your experience is yours alone.  It is neither right nor wrong – it is, and because it is your experience, it cannot be challenged.  That said, there are some trends.


For some people, particular with the first couple of transmissions, they might not feel much.  There can be an attunement process as people become accustomed to, and aware of, the energy.  The first transmission is very often focused on reconnecting a person to their soul, or higher self, and to their life’s purpose in this incarnation.


Others feel the energy in their third eye or crown chakras, or often around an area of the body that relates to the issue they are seeking to have addressed, and that often correlates with the chakras.  (I am happy, of course, to discuss the chakras with you and explain their relevance.)  Many people feel energy in their back or in their hands and feet.  Still others report that they feel a warmth all around them, as if wrapped in something calm and protective.  Many people comment afterwards that they feel incredibly relaxed and peaceful.


Instead of physical sensations, people sometimes have a more mental experience in which their mind is flooded with memories or images, often from the distance past, that have a key role in their current situation.  This may be accompanied with certain emotions—often sadness, anger or fear—that are bound up in those images.  This can be the start of a profound healing process, as that emotion comes up for release.


Trust that whatever you are experiencing is right for you at this time.  Some transmissions can be dynamic and electric; others can be soft and subtle.  The Light knows what you need, more than even you or I do.

5.  What can I have the energy work on?


Any issue can be the focus of a Light transmission.   You can identify as your intention any physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or material concern.  You can ask the Light to work on situations and relationships.  You can ask for help for family members, friends, and other loved ones as well.  What is important is that you ask for whatever to happen to be for your highest good, and the highest good of everyone involved.  You cannot ask the Light to harm to anybody else.  The Light only seeks the highest good of everyone involved, and you invite profoundly negative karmic consequences for seeking harm to come to others. 


If, by way of example, you are dealing with terrible pain and suffering at the hands of your parents, a former romantic relationship, or even someone who simply did you harm (physical, mental, emotional, sexual, etc.), you can certainly seek support for yourself and your emotional wellbeing.  You might even ask for help in forgiving and releasing this person or persons.  But you cannot ask the Light to balance the karmic scales or impose some sort of punishment on the other person.  Know that the other individual has the karma from their actions to work through; it is not your place to ask that the karma be dealt with now.


6.  What can I expect to happen afterwards?


Anything and everything is possible.  Some people see instantaneous relief of their concerns; others do not see any visible or perceptible change.  Sometimes a physical or emotional issue will be alleviated completely; other times it will be alleviated partially or disappear and then return, in which case additional transmissions may be needed. Sometimes a situation will suddenly shift, and at other times, it won’t improve much as all. 


It all depends on the nature of the issue or situation, how deep and pervasive it is, and whether it involves family lineage or past life karma.  Some issues are deeply karmic and you are working through something that requires you to experience it.  In that case, the Light will not simply relieve you of that burden.  In most instances, however, the Light will bring relief in some way, because the Light is a source of unconditional love and does not want you to suffer.  I will discuss with you your issue and any intuitive guidance I receive regarding its origin and role in your life, and how many transmissions are likely necessary for the issue or situation to be resolved.


To understand how the Light might work on a particular issue or situation, it is often helpful for you to ask yourself why you are asking for something and to understand the role your request would play in your life.  For example, many people can raise financial concerns, asking for monetary assistance, perhaps with the hope of obtaining a better paying job.  There is nothing wrong at all with this request, but you might find, for example, that your real issue is not that you need a better paying job, but rather that you don’t believe that you deserve to earn more money.  Hence, a better paying job cannot happen for you.  Instead, the Light would work on your feelings of self worth in connection to money, and a shift might occur thereafter. 


Because the first transmission is often focused on realigning you with your soul and your purpose for being on this planet in a human body, you may notice yourself suddenly having insights into your life, your patterns, and what you really want to achieve.  In and of itself, this is a tremendous gift.


7.  How long does a Light transmission last and how often can I have one?


This is all a matter of the client’s condition and their ability to handle the energy.  Many clients will begin with Light transmissions that last 20-30 minutes, and then increase to 45 minutes.  For most people, you can have another Light transmission another week to 10 days later.  Some who are particularly sensitive to the energy may only be able to handle 20 minutes and should wait a full two weeks before another transmission. 


The length and frequency of transmissions will depend on the nature of the issue being addressed and the client’s ability to handle the energy.  I will consult with you and let you know what I think is the appropriate amount of time for a transmission and how long to wait between sessions.  The Light is generally still working on you and your energy field for about two weeks.





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