Are you ready to cultivate more self-love? It's the primary path to feeling worthy, grateful, happy, and peaceful. 


The course is made of 7 units. You can do the entire course within one week, or you can do each unit on a schedule that's right for you. 


Each unit covers a different aspect of self-love and contains both a video and a pdf with practices/assignments for you to work through: 


Day/Unit 1: The Power of Joy

Day/Unit 2: Cultivating Gratitude

Day/Unit 3: Writing a Love Letter to Yourself

Day/Unit 4: Loving Your Body

Day/Unit 5: Releasing Pain

Day/Unit 6: Being Divine Love

Day/Unit 7: Making Self-Love a Habit

7 Days of Self-Love Video Course

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  • You are entitled to download a copy of the videos and pdfs. You are not permitted to create copies or send the videos/pdfs to anybody else.

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