Sending "Love & Light"


Whenever people seek help for themselves or a loved one for some sort of illness or situation, or tragedy strikes, people respond with prayers and with "sending love and light."  As the news of the mass shooting in Orlando has circulated, people have continued to send out messages that convey "love and Light" to the victims and their families.  What do people mean by that?  Do they say this only as a gesture of solidarity, an empathetic communication of love?  Or do they ever contemplate that perhaps one can, in fact, actually send Light to another person?


We are all energetic beings, not just physical bodies.  The primary way we feel energy is through our emotions.  Our emotions have a certain energetic feeling associated with them.  Anger often feels hot; sadness feels heavy; and when we are happy and joyful, we feel light, as if glowing from within.  You can see energy in people's faces too.  When someone is ecstatically happy, you can see the glow of energy in their eyes.  And when you're around someone who is deeply angry or upset, that energy is also contagious.  You might not feel good around this person and want to get away; or you might find yourself getting angry as well.  That same sense of energy can be felt when a room is very tense.  The energy feels dense (hence, the expression, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife).  


Because we are energetic beings, and can give off and pick up energy, the corollary is also true that we can send energy deliberately.  This is the basic principle of much energy work and healing.  I have experienced receiving Light from many people--the Divine Avatars, such as Amma and Mother Meera, and from healers such as Howard Wills and my teacher Mirabai Devi.  The first time I receive Light was from Mirabai, and it was an intense streaming of Light into the space between my eyebrows known as the third eye. I was left with this intense yet peaceful glow.  I remember thinking as that energy began streaming into me, "There is a God!"  I had tasted a very profound way of connecting with the Divine. 


The difference between people like Amma and those who send "love and light" as part of emails or Facebook posts is how much and how clear the Light is that is sent. The Avatars, like Amma, are perfectly connected with the Divine, and know exactly what they are as divine creations in human form.  This connection means that they have very little karma and are deeply cleansed in a karmic sense.  As such, their access to and connection with the Light is very pure and strong.  Anyone who has had the blessing of receiving darshan from them can attest to how strong that Light can be, if you're open to it. 

By contrast, when you are not an Avatar, it takes a lot of training to be able to send Light in a concentrated, powerful, clear way.  I have spent over three years training with my teacher, Mirabai, to do precisely that.  I can tell you that it does not happen over night.  For your body and mind to be able to hold that kind of energy requires a very serious commitment and considerable discipline.  Your body has to be able to withstand intense volumes of energy that are channeled through you and into the other person.  


The first time I did a Light transmission was one of the most incredible experiences ever.  I remember being filled, utterly filled, with an energy that has no analogue, no comparison, to anything else I have experienced on the planet.  It was so powerful that I would rock in my chair back and forth.  At the beginning, other people would feel a sort of tingle, sometimes warmth, or just a sense of peace.  The Light was only beginning to flow through me.  Fast forward to many months and many transmissions later, the Light now flows through very powerfully.  For many people, they feel quite calm and peaceful, and waves of warmth through parts of their body, and afterwards quite energized or so peaceful they fall into a deep sleep.  As I continue to work with people, my own connection with the Light depends and grows.  

When people say, "sending you love and Light," they are essentially expressing a blessing or prayer, if meant sincerely and not uttered as a formula.  But the amount of Light that each person can send is limited by their karma and the fact that their bodies and minds have not been trained to send large amounts of energy. People should continue to send love and light to each other, because collectively when a large number of people do that, the combined effect of their words and thoughts is quite considerable.  Together, large numbers of people can combine their energy and sending large amounts of Light to each other, even if their individual capacity to hold and send Light is itself relatively small.  This is why the collective power of prayer and meditation cannot overlooked.  


Yet sending love and Light is not enough when tragedy strikes. That becomes an easy way to address a situation without looking deeply within.  People say it and move on.  A tragedy always asks you to look inward and say: where have I not been loving? Where have I contributed to this situation in which those who feel hate feel such a need to express that hatred in the most violent of ways? In other words, for all of my desire to send Light, where in my life have I not been sending Light?  For if you do not look inward and begin to change all of the small ways in which you are not loving, but judgmental, negative and hating, then the cycle will repeat. It will repeat again and again until you get that it has nothing to do with identity, being strong, defending or fighting. It has everything to do with the collective creation of a culture where hate festers and grows. Rather than point fingers or stand in defiant strength, it is our collective responsibility to ask: where do we each contribute to that culture by fomenting hatred and division, in whatever way, in our own lives?  Where, in our own lives, do we send hate instead of love and Light?






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