Compassion in the Face of Tragedy


As we all contemplate the mass shooting in Orlando, it is inevitable that many wonder, how can this occur if there is a God?  How do we look at a world that seems in disarray and believe that there is a force greater than ourselves? 


Two excerpts from a recently completed manuscript, that I channeled over two months, speak directly to our current state of affairs. 


The Nature of Compassion (April 10, 2016)


Take for example, someone that everyone hates, Hitler, who performed terrible acts, horrible, terrible acts, that no one could condone.  By this we mean that you understand that he did terrible harm to others, and you think, he must be condemned, he must be destroyed, he must reside in some place you like to call “hell,” which doesn’t exist, but that’s a topic for another time and place.  So what does compassion for Hitler mean?  It means first understanding that Hitler’s own actions, the product of intensely negative energy, were a response to a variety of traumas and past-life experiences that instilled in him misguided concepts about the nature of the world and who and what he was in it, and as a result, he acted with his creative power, his power, that all of you have, to shape the world around him ways that responded to and corresponded to his perceived needs.  


Now, was he utterly absorbed by collective consciousness?  Of course, so much so that he couldn’t possibly see any other paths than the ones he took that required so much violence and so much harm to others.  But to meet Hitler with judgment and say he was a bad person, does nothing to alter that energy.  Yes, it does suggest that others shouldn’t replicate that, but that is already understood.  There is no one who doesn’t already understand that killing another is a terrible thing.  This is nothing that you actually require social mores to understand—it comes with your inherent understanding of life, the fact that each of you is a seed of Light and is part of divine creation.  So, yes, you can acknowledge that this is not behavior that anyone who is filled with love would undertake, but you can have compassion for that person nonetheless. 


Patrick isn’t loving this analogy, but because it seems to set up the possibility that no one could every be judged or punished or held accountable for their actions.  And we say no, that this is not the case, for we understand that you would not want to give Hitler access to power or the capacity to command troops, or someone like him?  Yes, we understand and that has to do with you understanding the immense powers of creation that each of you possess. And yet, you can still regard him as a living being who was the product of a whole other series of events in time and place as part of collective consciousness, that does not give permission for this to happen, but rather still allows you to say that this is misguided energy and yet treat this person as a seed of Light, just like everyone else who does not understand who and what they are truly are.


Now the action that follows from compassion is, as we said, the energy that moves time and space, not the acts of your physical form.  Rather, compassion is the energy that moves time and space in a way that allows for the energy that the other person has created for him or herself to stop creating that.  In other words, you ask yourself, how do I stop recreating this negative energy in my life, and we say, you simply stop recreating yourself as that way, and we say that the way to assist others to that they stop recreating themselves in that way is to bring the power and potency of compassion to that relationship. 


That may take many forms, and Patrick is quite tired now, and so we will resume with examples of how that action is, but that this is the crux of our teaching today on compassion as the energy that moves time and space by assisting the other person to not recreate themselves in the same way with the same negative energy.  That is how you recreate love in an instant—love that meets the darkness, love that meets the other person’s incessant need to recreate themselves as darkness.  And in that instant, compassion as love changes the frequency of the energy being produced.  It is an action of permission and possibility that allows the other person to stop his or her act of creation.  And so we will resume with examples of how that looks. 


Compassion and the Christ Consciousness (April 18, 2016)


We wish to speak of compassion again, as the centerpiece of the Christ consciousness.  Compassion is woefully misunderstood—yes, misunderstood—by the masses, who think of compassion solely in terms of emotional energy, in terms of the empathetic responsive to someone else.  You think that to feel compassion, you must be moved by someone, must regard them as having need, to be unable to help themselves, and so you step in as the savior, as the warrior who defends.  There is nothing wrong with this vision of yourselves as warriors, as fighters for justice, who act of out compassion for those who cannot defend themselves, but there is nothing about compassion that requires this.  No, compassion is not a feeling. It is a perspective, it is an attitude towards all that occurs.  It is the knowing that all that occurs is in right order.  Yes, right order.   . . .


You regard the world through your flawed, judgmental lenses, and you see something that is not there.  You see pain and suffering, not perfection.  And we will explain why the world is perfect at this moment, which we have already explained once before but requires more of an answer now.  You regard the world and see pain and suffering, but this tells you about your mind, not the world.  Only your mind.  And so when you see everything in right order, it is not that you cannot understand how someone might perceive something to be painful or an abomination.  No—you can understand that perspective, but you can also see perfection in it.  Remember, you are co-creating the world in each second, in every instance, with all of the other co-creators on this planet, and in that moment, you are co-creating what occurs and how you perceive it is a reflection of your personal consciousness.  So to see right order, to see with compassion, is to hold this dual perspective that sees the possibility of pain or suffering, and understands that if the person experiences it as such, that is their mind, and yet you can also see perfection, perfection in the creation of something that perfectly captures the person’s mind.  In other words, the co-creators have perfectly created exactly what their consciousness would see in the world.  You all do this, you call unto yourselves that which you do not want, but you do not see that this is perfection, in that it is the perfect response—you got exactly what you asked for.  . . .


There is a perfect correlation between them, and it is perfection too in that it is made up of love, it is nothing but pure love, and you could experience that same manifestation of pain and suffering as pure love, if your mind were different.  But it is the product of your mind that sees pain and suffering and then conjures it in co-creation with the rest of the universe, and then you reject your own creation.  Compassion is the perspective that sees all of this at once and acknowledge that the person who experiences pain and suffering is experiencing pain and suffering, but that this is a product of their minds’ creation and of the co-creation, and that their infinite capacity as seeds of Light means that they could co-create something else entirely in an instant, in the next instance, in the next second, if their minds were not such a vice grip of poison. . . . Your minds, your consciousness, act as a vice, holding you in the same place, and it is poison, in the sense that you replicate the same negativity that you have replicated for years, eons, lifetimes.  

Compassion is this dual perspective of seeing their pain and suffering and seeing their perfection in the person’s ability to create that very realm that they are now experiencing as pain and suffering, and to know that the entire creation is forged in the furnace of love, that the particles that make up their experience are nothing but pure love, changing and taking form that may no longer resemble love, but is truly love.  That is hard to hold onto.  When you see poverty, rape, incest, killing, starvation . . . how can you see love?  Yes, we know that it is hard for your minds, and it is hard for you to regard this as love, and to see it with compassion in the sense that we have laid out here, but that is the reality.  Compassion sees it as a creation of love.  You have chosen your tableaus, even if the picture is not what you might say “pretty.”  So paint something else.  That is your task—to learn to co-create another realm, one that remains perfect but no longer remains beholden to the past.

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