View the World Through the Eyes of Another

November 13, 2016


Do you not see that you do not need to fight? There is no need to entrench further the systems of thought that currently predominate in your realm. No, you do not.  You do not need to oppose, fight, obstruct. That is what you do, you do this to each other, creating teams, and creating parties, and creating the other against whom you fight and oppose and work against in every way, solely so that you can claim your existence as winner. This not the path; this is not the way. You are like any other civilization that sees itself in opposition. Now you are consuming yourself from the inside, as you deepen the same battles.


Does this mean you acquiesce and allow the other to dominate you? No, it does not.  But it means that the way forward is not the way you have been. It cannot be, for what you will do is deepen the divide, deepen the opposition, so that the pendulum will swing, and you will be victors, and they will oppose you, and then they will win, and you will oppose them, and that is all that you will know: opposition, fighting, and war. This is your way now, and it will continue to be your way unless you choose another way, another path, one that lead you to see the other as yourself and vice versa. There can be no other way to true emancipation. You are now reaping the karmic seeding of your opposition to each other, and this is what has happened, and those who have felt victimized, marginalized, etc., have responded in anger and fear, blaming the other, the other you have chosen to represent your anger and fear, and now you will soon do the same. That other will do the same to you, and will view you as its enemy. Do you not see the irony that you have chosen to create the enemy yourself, and then you wonder, why do they oppose me? You have created that opposition and you deepen it each time you seek to vanquish your opponent. 


No, there is another way, and it is this way that you must take up now. You must be ready to embrace the other and see the world through their eyes, to ask yourself, in what way have I contributed to this? Both sides must do this, both sides must begin to see each other in the other, for there is no other way out of this opposition you have created. You must undo the opposition altogether, and the only way to do that is to see each other through the eyes of the other. You both feel marginalized, you both feel victimized, you both feel right, and instead of trying to impose on each other the belief that you are right and the other is wrong, you must move beyond that impasse by seeing the world through the eyes of the other.


How do you do this? It is simple: You begin to imagine yourself in those shoes, and you begin to imagine what their world must look like. You must begin to feel what the other person feels, to experience and share in their feelings, in their pain, in their anger. You do not need to take it on as your own, to somehow take up their charge. No, we are not asking you to switch sides and battle as if you were from the other side. No, just simply imagine what it must be like to be this person, and you will come to understand that you are all driven by the same sense of separation, of not belonging, of being ignored, of not being loved, that the system does not protect you. This is what you all share, again and again, and yet you act as if you were the victim and the other the oppressor, when you have created each other as victim and oppressor. 


Does this not mean that there are not tangible effects on your lives when the other side assumes power? No, we do not say that. Of course there are tangible effects, of course lives are impacted.  We do not ignore that, we simply say that this is the effect of the system that you have created, that is the product of your mind that privileges the eyes and not the heart, that does not allow you to experience reality through your sense of what others feel and experience, but only through what you see and your own feelings of victimization.  


So put those down for a moment, and put on the feelings of the other and see what they feel like. They do have feelings too, and that is the way you must begin to experience. You can do this by understanding their stories or by imagining what life is like for them. You can do this by simply acknowledging that they are human beings with the right to express their life as best and as fully as they can, and that they should have the support necessary to do so. That they may express their version of life in a manner that is different from yours does not matter—that is their way of life. That is okay as long as their way of life is not based on squelching or diminishing your way of life. 


For this is the fundamental mistake that you all make by seeing each other as enemies, as opponents, and as antagonists. You believe that your way of life must be defended and is threatened by another way of life. That is, that they cannot exist at the same time and in the same place. Somehow the mere existence of this other way of life seems to threaten yours, and this is a mistake, a misperception of reality.  Nothing about the other person’s way of life that is lived authentically and without trying to prevent another way of life is going to threaten yours.  It cannot be otherwise, for any authentic way of life is going to enliven, is going to cause more life to flourish. That is the nature of life, the nature of all creation—to flourish and expand and grow. This is what you must do. How can you be with the other and allow them to flourish without that being a threat to you? You must do this for each other. You have created each other. You must now create each other anew, as seeds of Light who only wish to live and flourish, nothing more.


* This post was downloaded from my guides on November 10, 2016, after the election.

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