Aligning Instead of Fighting

December 13, 2016


[My guides sent me this message last night to explain what they mean by “align” to a different reality instead of “fighting” for one.]


What it means to align is that you align, align, that is you take the frequency of your body and your thoughts and you align them, quite literally, with the outcome that wish to see in your reality, the reality that surrounds you. How do you perform this act of alignment? You must recognize that this is where your creative capacity lies. It is this ability of yourself to feel into the realm that you wish to occupy, to feel into the new reality, and have the world transform around you.


This is possible, yes, it is possible. You do it all the time, but unconsciously. Yes, you feel a certain way, and you have certain thoughts, and they have this energy, this frequency, and that frequency is often lack or fear or anger or frustration or some sort of notion that you are not going to be supported, that your place in this realm is insecure, and so you call for that and bring in to form this reality that you fear so much. This is manifestation, and many of you have studied this.


And these principles are clear. You become your thoughts. You become what you think. But importantly, you become what you feel in response to those thoughts. And this is alignment, what you now perceive, through your creative faculties of imagination, and the words you choose to perceive reality around you and the world that you wish to inhabit, and you invoke those feelings, you bring them into your body, into your cells, through creative visualization and meditation and contemplation, and then speaking and acting in and through the energy that you wish to see expand, expand, expand into this real.


And that is what you are really doing, all of your words, deeds, etc., are all transfers of energy, the energy of the intention with which you bring to them, and so when that energy is fear-based, and is rooted in survivalism, and needs to conquer an enemy, then this is what you shall produce, and you may get results that you want, like a vanquished enemy, like a change where someone acquiesces in the face of your force, but you will not have planted seeds of love, no, you will not ultimately harvest a banquet and bounty of love, no, you will reap the seeds of anger and vengeance that you have sown.


This will happen when the tides turn, yes, the tides will turn, and those whom you vanquished will rise again and seek their revenge, and they will seek to impose their own will, for they believe they are right, and you believe you are right, and it is really your opposition which defines you and determines why you think of yourselves as right or wrong.


And so to align means that, to align with the energy of the higher vision, of the highest vision possible, that includes all people, not just some of you, not just some enlightened despots who think they know what is best for all, but for everyone, and when you align to that, when you are capable of aligning to that, you will understand the difference in how it feels to speak and act and create a new reality, not just fight for one.


For many of you, the creation that you want to bring forth does not require you to focus at all on any enemy. You were already building, creating, and that is the wonder that you should focus on, the wonder and joy and magic of creating something new and wonderful in this realm, not on the impediments or obstacles or enemy that you perceive are in your way, for those are not what is blocking you, no, that is not what is blocking you.


Yes, there is definitely opposition, there is energy that must be altered and changed, but you are transforming systems, and this does not require them to be eliminated. No, it requires them swept up in and made a part of your recreation, and yes, this may be very difficult, it may require much of you, but there is a vast difference in creating from a place of wonder and joy than from trying to build in opposition to something you dislike or believe stands in your way. Create, and create with love and joy. Do not fight. Otherwise, your construction, your co-creation, will be very weak indeed and will not stand the test of time.

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