Why You Can't Be Present and Patient at the Same Time

January 2, 2017


[This is an excerpt of my forthcoming book, Seeds of Light.]


What is patience? If patience is not being in the present moment but looking ahead to something that’s not in the present, you are in a state of lack. Your mind is focused on negation, what’s missing, what’s not here, and not on what’s here, what’s right before your very eyes at this very moment in time. You are not present when you are not patient. And patience is a kind of a impossibility, yes, impossibility because if you are patient, you are saying, I am still waiting, still expecting, but doing so nicely, doing so with kindness and not anger and not asking nor demanding, but still waiting. Yes, waiting, and this is not being in the present, for to be present, and in the present moment of time, you cannot be patient. You cannot have any expectations, and so you are not waiting for anything at all. So this is clear: the very call for patience is an oxymoron and impossibility. You cannot be in the present and expect. Expectation is the antithesis of what it means to be present and illuminated. For when you are illuminated and filled with Light, there is nothing missing, nothing wrong, nothing lacking in the present moment, the present moment that is being rewritten and redrawn again and again and again in an instant.


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