As Darkness Descends

January 27, 2017


At the end of November 2016, I finished channeling my third book of spiritual wisdom, which focuses on the state of consciousness known as the Christ Consciousness -- a state of unity with all life; it might be more commonly understood as "enlightenment." The third volume is all about how we transform our society. As I was finishing cleaning up the third volume, since the channeling process often leads to lots of typographical errors, the source of my wisdom offered one last installment, a coda if you will, as reminder of how difficult our present journey may seem. I share it with you now, even though it may be a bit premature without the benefit of the forthcoming books, but I believe it stands somewhat on its own. I offer it as a small reminder that as much as the darkness begins to descend around us, we must not become it in the name of justice. We cannot allow the anger, hatred, lies, and vitriol infuse our own hearts and our own speech. Do not allow yourself to be permeated with anger and hatred for those who are dismantling our country and serving their own interests. Charting another course, including preventing their destruction and harm, does not require us to use the same tools.  


December 27, 2016


This is a coda we wish to share with you as you ascend, and you embark on this new journey together, as you all face the darkness that you have yourselves have created and manifested in this realm, as co-creators with all, with each other, as the Seeds of Light, as the slivers of the Creator, that you are.  You are embarking on a tremendously difficult journey. This is a moment of incredible shift, and you are not all ready for the journey in the sense that many of you will seek to return to the past, will fall into nostalgia, will choose a version of the world, of life, that you already know and that no longer exists. 


This is not the way. The way of nostalgia is always an effort to create something that can no longer be created, that has lived and fulfilled its purpose, and so you are attempting to recreate a paradigm that can no longer serve you. That is why you ultimately find all nostalgia unfulfilling, for it only satisfies something, a craving, for something familiar, for safety and security, where you are actually being called by the world, by the universe, to grow and to extend into realms and ways of being that you have never experienced. 


This is the power of the new, the now, the novelty of that which has yet to unfold before you. Do not be afraid, do not fear what it is to come even though it will ask of you more than you have ever been asked of, for you are now embarking on a tremendous path of acceleration, of ascension, of moving beyond the paradigms that separate you and that have set forth the terms by which you can claim existence, by which you can live in this world. Those are dissolving, they are not be recreated and as you create something anew, your old creations, the creations of patriarchy and identity politics are falling by the wayside, yes. You are moving toward unity. That means the flimsy architecture that you have built to support your self, to support your subjectivity, now must be dismantled.


That entity will not going softly into the night, as you like to say, for it is exists and it wishes to hold onto itself. Be strong, be courageous, you are always loved and supported by the universe, by the Light, by all that is, for you are a part of this very matrix, this entire web of Light that is the universe, the living, breathing, knowing universe. You can call it God, the Light, the Universe. It matters not to the Light. For all that matters is that you are part of it, and you are loved, so loved, loved beyond your imagination, beyond all possible permutations of love that you have conjured for yourselves as humans. 


Trust that you are loved and guided, and as the darkness falls around you, do not feel afraid, do not try to dispel the darkness through anger or blame or judgment.  That is not the way. Shine brighter, with the power of forgiveness, compassion, and rebirth that are your gifts as the Christ Consciousness. These are your gifts, they are your powers, shine ever brighter, and illuminate the path for others, no matter how much they wish to turn to the past, to point fingers and blame. They know not another way. That is your purpose. Those who hold this book in their hands are there to show the way, to light the path to a new society, to a new collective consciousness. That is your mission and purpose in life.  Be the Light.  Be the Christ. Be love. 


Transmission over.

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