The Global Release of Negativity

February 4, 2017


The following is an excerpt from a second book of channeled wisdom, currently titled Bending Time, that will come out sometime this summer. The book examines the Christ Consciousness as part of how each of us relates to each other and to the structures of identity and family that govern our lives. This particular installment was channeled on June 25, 2016. I was guided to share it now, given all that is transpiring currently in the United States. Admittedly, it does not offer a solution, only a diagnosis of what is occurring. The solutions come in later installments. 


What is transpiring on the planet now is the increasing vibration of all beings, all entities, and in so doing the increasing evaporation and release of all negativity as it is brought to the surface and let go and no longer replicated. The negativity is experienced again, must be experienced again, as it comes to the surface because that is how you related to it in the first place. This is all repressed energy, something that you pushed aside and did not accept, and thus did not meet with love. All of your relationships are pulling apart at the seams because they were created with a very thin thread, very thin bonds between you, all bonds of the ego.


So a nation decides to remove itself from a union with other nations, when that nation is just a collection of individuals who have agreed to call themselves, by name and have certain authority, and the same is true of other groups, whether those a geographical locales or political parties or clubs, or organizations and communities built around identity. This is your primary division: us vs. them, in or out, me or not me. This is the mind at work and what is happening is the collapse of those agreements and arrangements based on separation, where you seedlings have all decided that you must operate collectively and your awareness of each other is greater than ever before, and so at the same time that this affords you great interconnectivity, it also means that you are likely to pull apart from all the contact with those whom you had previously not been in touch with. This is an example of all the migration and the diaspora as parts of the world relocate geographically to other parts and come into contact with those whom they had never seen, and the us v. them, we vs. them mentality takes charge.


Yes, this is what is occurring now, and you must understand that this is a normal part of the process of letting go of this. It will increase, increase, demand attention as it does not want to leave. Like all energy, it has its own consciousness, it has its own claim to existence, and seeks to replicate itself again and again, and this is what is happening is that it replicates itself again and again, each time more fervently, in the hopes of remaining intact, in the hopes of keeping its claim to existence alive, to holding onto its place in this realm, even though its time is over. Its time is over and you will have to confront all of the ways in which this approach to your relationships, predicated on time and space, and we vs. them, has shaped your entire existence.


To create anew, you must be willing to forget the past, and this past has a life of its own, does not want to go willingly. It is is your own creation, and you must take responsibility for it, you cannot repress it, you cannot hide from it. You will face the karmic consequences of your own creation, and then you will be able to recreate anew. You must accept what is happening, not being in alignment with it, but accept that it is the byproduct of your collective consciousness, and then begin to think and embrace a new way of being, and a new way of creating. This is the task of your age, this is the task of the age of the Christ consciousness.


Now, what does this mean for the United States? This country has long stood as a beacon for individual rights and for prosperity, and yet its individualism is also its undoing. It is a country of incredible inequality and disproportion because it believes that it operates individually by suppressing the ways in which it operates collectively. This allow individuals to marshal the machinery of the collective, to use the collective in the service of the individual, so that many people can funnel money to a few, and yet all can lay claim to the mantra of self fulfillment and self development and self creation. You deny the circumstances that permit all of you to create each other together, so that only each person lays claim to responsibility for his life, not responsibility for the lives of others. That is your collective undoing, and it will continue to skew towards the individual and towards inequality, and disproportion, until it can no longer function as a collective, when the individuals who marshal the collective in their own service have no collective from which to draw, having drained it all of its creative force.


Your current system accurately captures this sense of individuals and the collective being subordinated to the demands of a few and your political parties capture this structure perfectly. There is nothing enlightened about the current political structure of your country which affords so many so much power of the collective and yet speaks in terms of the ability of all to rise and be treated well and have access to the full array of opportunities. You speak as if all have the same when in fact you have erected a system that guarantees that only a few may survive at the expense of the others.


There is nothing unique about this in the United States. No, this is the truth of almost all societies who wish to speak in the name of the collective, who intuit on some level that they are all one, and that they are all the same, all seeds of light, particles of the creator, but their worldly views take over and their eyes deceive and they ultimately choose their own survival over the survival of others. However well meaning and well intended, in the end, their minds take control and they choose that which privileges a few, including themselves. That is the course of human history and the downfall of almost all societies. Slowly but surely the collective is drained of its resources and the few can no longer control them, and some sort of decay sets in, until there is reorganization of people in a new formation, with a new claim to identity and new structures are built, all built again on separation, with the same process put in place to manage but not real transformation in the name of the ego. How different are you from past civilizations where most who were able to live and live well did so at the expense of the many?


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