Happiness is the Present Moment

February 28, 2017



This is a channeling about time and happiness, and how you all relate to happiness and to time together, and that these are functions of one another for you.  That is, you relate to time through happiness, and happiness through time.  You’re happy now, but not yesterday, or you will be happy in the future when . . .


And most of you are defined by this state, where happiness is a state that is deferred, in the future, and you are in perpetual pursuit.  And you are looking to obtain a state that you currently do not have. You are not happy, and this describes so many of you right now and what you often describe as happiness a state that you relate to as a state of wholeness and happiness associated with prior moments, and so you are attempting to get to a state of being through the memory of what you once experienced, and this is normal.  This is entirely normal.  This is how most everyone relates to happiness and time, and here’s the conundrum: you will never find happiness this way. 


You have created it as deferral, as something that cannot be achieved now, because what you experience now does not measure up to the experience of happiness you once had, and what you imagine--yes, imagine--to be your state of happiness, once achieved in this ever future state that you never reach, is something else, something other than true happiness, for it is filled with images that attempt to direct you to what you think you need--yes, what you think you need--but these are distractions, true distractions form the type of soul satisfaction that awaits all of you, that is available to all of you now. Yes, now


For what you really want to feel is that sense of satisfaction, that sense of alignment with the truth of who you are, where all of the doubts and anxieties vanish for one fleeting moment, and you feel whole, you feel like you belong, and you feel what you call "loved."  And that is what you are: loved.  Loved in the sense that you are in complete unity with the rest of the world around you.  There is no distance from what you are perceiving, no mental gap that allows you to say, "This is okay, but when I finally get this, then I will be happy. Yes, that is when I will be happy."  For that is the mechanism you now engage when you try to obtain and achieve this state that you call happiness.


Instead, begin to relate to the present moment as if you were already where you belonged, as if you were already that which you believe you need to be in the future in order to be your true self.  For so many of you, that is really what you are trying to achieve: the circumstances and conditions in which you will give yourself permission to be your true self, where you won’t hold back or worry about judgment or consequences, where you will say to yourself, this is who I am and there is nothing that I need to apologize for or hold back or or somehow qualify to permit you to feel comfortable. You do not try to accommodate all others in order to prevent their being any kind of backlash or discomfort or lack of connection.  You are looking for those conditions, and that is available to you now.  Yes, that is available to you now. 


So as you look around you and you begin to imagine all of the conditions that you need, begin to relate to the world you have as if it were the precise set of conditions necessary for you to be your true self.  What if you began to act and behave like your true self? What if you related to everything as if it were not a barrier but an invitation to be your true self?  For many of you this raises immediate concerns.  What will my boss do? What will my kids say?  What will my wife or husband do?  What would my friends say? What if everyone leaves me?  Yes, what if everyone leaves me?  And this is the existential question at the heart of what you fear: you fear that your true self will alienate everyone and you will be left alone, you will be left in exile and that there is no place for you.  Yes, there is no place for you in this world. The ultimate crushing pain of being told:  You don’t belong here.  Please leave.  You are not welcome.  And this what you all do to yourselves--this self-imposed exile and limitation based on what you fear others will do if you were to simply be you. 


And you are glorious, so luminous, if only they could see you.  If you were your authentic self, that authenticity itself would be so powerful, it would move mountains.  There would be no fear, for they would not be reacting to you as a threat.  They would feel the authenticity and it would move them closer to their own selves too, and then you might see true intimacy. Yes, you might find yourselves sharing yourselves authentically, not the garden variety conversations you now share that are simulacra designed to maintain social order.  That is what you do now, and there is nothing wrong with it except that you all sense that behind it all there is something genuine, something real and pure, and the rest of it is just a performance designed to protect you from the truth of yourselves.


So this is our message for today regarding time and happiness: you cannot find it in the future. You can only find it in the present moment, when you relinquish the fear that being your true self will lead to alienation and exile and you begin to be you now, authentically, in this very moment, in this second.  That is the only happiness that you will ever truly experience.  Transmission over.

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