Awakening to the First Thought of the Day

January 2, 2018

The path to awakening to who you really are begins, quite literally, with the moment of awakening. As we rise from slumber, the very first thought that emerges into consciousness indicates the focus of our mind. What drives you in that split second as you leave the world of dreams and reemerge into the body? It sets the tone of your entire day, for it speaks to where your mind is at unconsciously, at every waking moment. Perhaps your very first thought is about your body, whether it feels rested or tired, or about a particular part of your body. Pause and consider whether that part concerns you in some way. Or maybe your mind turns instantly to the day ahead of you, neurons firing in anticipation and planning. Is there some project, task, or relationship that draws your attention? Only you can discern that first glimmering thought. Each day, focus as you first wake and do your best to identify it. If you do not pay attention when you first wake up, it will slip away, like the hazy memory of a dream, with each second. When you discover what that first thought is, you will have found a powerful place to explore who you are right now.

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