The Power of Acceptance

January 6, 2018

 The path to total self-love and healing lies in acceptance. We often confuse acceptance with acquiescence or resignation, but they are not the same. There is a power to acceptance that the other two do not have. Acceptance is a state where you do not resist, fix, or change anything. You are simply with, and present to, that which is. So accept where you are right now and the challenges you face—emotional, physical, financial or metaphysical. Be with them as with a sick friend, holding a space of compassion and love for them; you wouldn’t blame your friend for being sick, would you? Acceptance is the suspension of judgment, which is the source of all pain and suffering. And while acceptance might feel uncomfortable, because it means really being with whatever you want to be different or gone, it is the first step to unconditional love. The very act of accepting it begins to alter that which you accept; it is the foundation for love. By changing your relationship to a challenge, its form and shape begin to alter. The change happens organically, without force, by just letting it be.

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