Who Will You Be Today

January 24, 2018


Who will you be today? That is the question that each dawn poses and promises. It is both a question and a gift, for we are not bound to be who were yesterday, for nothing that was yesterday still exists. It is an entirely new creation. You have only your memories and perceptions of what was yesterday, and those are fallible and fading. Nothing requires you to wake up and be the same person you were yesterday. Who will you be today? You can put down the anger or sadness, you can put away the frustrations or fears, and open to the wonder and joy of what is unfolding before you now. Does the world look the same as yesterday? It might on the surface, but it’s not the same; that’s a trick of the eyes. Every person you meet who seems to be the same is a new person who may have chosen to be the same as the day before or may have made a new choice. Will you make the same choice as yesterday or a different one? That choice is always yours. The day beckons. Who will you be today?

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