Letting Life Hold You

January 27, 2018


There are times, when I sink into a really comfortable chair and let go of all tension, that I am reminded that this is the way life can feel if I allow it. Sitting there, I can be completely held, without any effort on my part to hold myself up; the chair provides that support, without any demand in return. And as I sink even more deeply into the cushions, I can find small places in my body where I am ever so slightly clenched, still doing some of the work to support myself, instead of giving that task over to the chair. With each breath, I can relax a little more and feel a bit lighter. At each point, I am asked to do less and less. That is my task – to let go.


This simple act of letting go and being supported in a chair is one part of a practice of letting go of old mental habits and patterns that require me to do, push, and act. I receive this message in countless ways, sometimes even directly from a higher source—rather than wrestle the universe to give me what I seek, allow myself to be held and carried. This is the way to be with all of life, if I let it. And many days, I do allow myself to sink into the feeling that my entire life is carrying me forward, that everything is being guided, and I allow that feeling to wash over me, so that I don’t feel the need to push forward or make things happen. Even when action is called for, it is not a grasping, pushy, demanding action. I can take action and still be held and carried by the universe, which is actually doing the action through me. When I do, life takes on such an incredible feeling of deep comfort, like a soft cushion, gently holding me up, encouraging me to relax into its embrace just a bit more.

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