Having No Opinion, Picking No Sides

February 5, 2018


What would it feel like to go throughout your day having no opinion and taking no sides in the face of any argument, competition or conflict, whether on a large scale or a small one? What would it feel like to be in complete acceptance of all that is – your only opinion taking the form “it is what it is.” You offer no judgment; you label nothing good or bad.


This is not the conventional approach to the world, and certainly not to the world of politics, where you are asked always to take sides and to resist, or even to the realm of sports, where you are asked to pick a team, which is another way of saying, you must have an enemy. Choose neutrality, and you are seen as complicit with the wrong side.


Having no opinion and choosing no sides is not an easy position to occupy. The tug to pick one side and express how wrong the other one is strong. Feel that pull and don’t react to it. Continue to occupy that space of neutrality and equanimity. It does not mean you have to rest there forever, or to take no action ever. But for some period of time, feel what it would be to have no opinion, no judgment, where you do not label either side right or wrong. And that goes for this position of neutrality as well. For it is easy to create a new binary that says everyone who chooses sides is wrong, and I am right in my detached neutrality. That would a trap whereby you’ve not escaped the binary pull to divide the world into two; you’ve just split it up differently, into something like neutrals vs. side-pickers.


This kind of neutrality is not a call to embrace ignorance, to bury one’s head in the sand. You are not being neutral by refusing to learn anything about the world or by ignoring what is occurring. Instead, it is a practice of being fully aware of what is transpiring in the world and yet working with the pull towards seeing that world expressed in binaries.

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