Watching Life Breathe for All of Us

February 13, 2018


As you breathe, your chest gently rising and falling, pause and ask yourself, who or what is doing the breathing? You might attribute it to some involuntary mechanism in the brain. Contemplate the possibility that it might also be some invisible force—some might call it life, others might call it God—that moves our breath for us. After all, we associate the first and last breaths with the beginning and end of life.


Watch your breath and marvel at the simplicity and grace of life moving through you with each breath. No conscious thought or action is required on your part; life breathes for you, from one moment to the next. As you go about your day, gently observe the bodies of everyone you encounter. Set aside all of the normal thoughts and categories of difference that you normally use to perceive all others. Instead, see beyond those differences and notice that they share with you the same movement of the breath. Watch and see as life, or God, breathes for them too.


That is your meditation: to see the breath of life moving through each and every other person. What would it mean to acknowledge that life moves their breath just as life moves yours?

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