Embrace the Woo-woo



I've often bristled at hearing someone say, "I don't want to sound too woo-woo" or "This might seem a bit woo-woo."  It always comes across as this effort to warn the listener that what they are about to hear will be far out, a bit radical, and that I, as a speaker, am distancing myself from what I am about to say so that you don't think that am too far out, that am too radical.  "Woo-woo" becomes this slightly pejorative disclaimer, a flashing red warning sign that tells the listener not to worry because the speaker doesn't really believe what they are about to say. 


But rather than bristle at the word, I've come to appreciate that when used in this way, the word "woo-woo" is a sign of the speaker's potential awakening.  The speaker often uses it when grappling with concepts that are just a bit elusive to them, but that somehow appeal to them on a deeper level.  They are, in fact, issuing a disclaimer, but that's because they are grappling with their own discomfort that the woo-woo they are talking about might actually be true or have some deeper meaning for them.  "Woo-woo" screams: "This might actually be radical, and I'm a little scared to admit it, so let me proceed with caution." 


My own life has been about embracing the woo-woo.  From direct connections to the Light and to spiritual guides that transmit divine wisdom, to experience with ayahuasca and plant medicine that brought me to newfound states, the woo-woo is for me the frontier of what human consciousness understands about the nature of reality.  In our conventional lives, we understand so little, yet we behave as if we understood it all.  So the next time you hear about someone's experience or a perspective on the world that challenges your current thinking, pause before labeling it "woo-woo" as a kind of rejection of what you can't quite understand.  And if the word "woo-woo" does come to mind, recognize that what you are expressing is your own discomfort in the fact of that information or experience and what it might mean for you and your life.



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