The Depths the Light Cannot Reach

August 20, 2018











Each of us carries around cloistered rooms packed tight with the remains of the past. Every so often, a door opens . . . ever so slightly, and we get a glimpse inside at the detritus of our psychic lives. All too often our reaction is to slam the door shut, and further buttress it, another lock, another chain. Sometimes we are successful, too successful, and we even forget what lurks deep in the recesses of our mind. So dark are those rooms, that we fear what we might find, rather than facing their contents. Many of us truly believe that deep down, whatever darkness is there is so thick that no light, no matter how bright, could ever chase away the shadows. This is a lie. With time and tenderness, even the most painful of life events can be unpacked and disinfected; the back rooms can be scrubbed clean, curtains drawn, and windows opened to the fresh air of forgiveness and disinfecting daylight of compassion. It is this courage to go within, excavating and exploring our inner world, we must each find for ourselves. Something in me, and in you too, is willing to keep searching, like a psychic spelunker, armed only belief that the light will always be there to illuminate even the darkest trenches.

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