Healing the Body

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Date of Original Transmission: April 8, 2017


For so many of you, being in a body is a tremendously painful experience. It can be a series of pains associated wth disease or with some sort of a degradation of your system or organs, or it can be a relationship to the body of trauma, where memory of being the body is itself painful, and this might take the the form of rape or incest or some sort of physical abuse or mistreatment in some way that keeps you from inhabiting the body fully.  For at this point, the the body becomes something of an enemy, yes, as if portions of it and memories of it were off limits, out of bounds, no longer fit for contemplation or habitation.  Yes, you actually leave your body in some way, and are at odds with it, in such a manner that you are not fully in alignment with you body.  You resist it, you withdraw from it, you recoil from it.  And this is the place where you feel pain, where disease sets in.  Yes, disease sets in for it is when you are not in alignment with your body that you cannot fully inhabit, that the body will no longer repair itself entirely Yes, and this is what occurs.  You leave the body in some small way, you withdraw your life force, and the body begins to decay and suffer.  Ever so slightly.  Then cancers emerge, or you develop certain systemic diseases. 


Why are we delving into such a painful subject?  For this is where you have spent most of your time on earth, is in a relationship with your body that is not one of full alignment, but of only partial alignment, where you withdraw, and this is the source of much suffering.  Yes, and we wish to help you repair your relationship with the the body in such a way that allows you to inhabit it, fully and completely, so that your time in this body on this planet now is the time that you fully appreciate and enjoy, it is a time of joy, that your experience of time is one of joy.


And so we begin with the body again and where you feel pain.  And here this might be for so many of you, a source of long-term pain, such as trauma or disease. Something  chronic or resistant to treatment.  And this is where you feel like this can never change, that you can never overcome it, and with that we say, no, it is not the case.  Now how do you relate to what you are experiencing?  For you are experiencing pain, and it is real, it feels very real.  Your back hurts, you memories of abuse are very deep and painful, and your body feels this immensely.  We do not sit here in judgment and say that your pain is not real, not real in the sense that it is something that you have made up like a fiction to get sympathy.  We know that you are not fabricating this as a story to garner attention. 


But what we are saying is that there is part of you that does make this up, makes it up in the sense of creating it again and again in your body.  There is a sense of responsibility for the creation that you are experiencing.  And this is difficult to hear because it suggests that someone how you are responsible for the abuse, as if you were not a victim, as if we were saying, you caused this, in some sense of it’s your fault, you deserved it, you brought it upon your self.  To say that you are responsible is not to suggest that there is moral judgment here.  No, we are instead suggesting that it is your responsibility for the experience—of what it means to you and how you relate to the emotional experience that comes with it.  


So how do you relate to these intense experiences of trauma that reside in the body and which are often very painful to contemplate?  Understand, first and foremost, that they are contained in the body.  Yes, they are contained in the body, that your body as suffered a certain type of abuse, and that feels like it’s solely in the memory of the person, but in fact, it is reproduced in and as physical form; it is energy contained within the cells of the body.  Yes, the energy in your cells and in certain parts and in the energy field around those parts.  So the trauma is there, not as something that can be gotten rid of intellectually, as if just talking about it might release it.  No it must be brought to the surface and the body allowed to release it, and you will experience it as the body is releasing it, which is your mind’s experience of that energy again, in and through the body, which is what experienced it the first time.


Not the mind? Yes the mind perceived this trauma, it perceived and created meaning, but its relationship to the experience was through the body, and that is what we are speaking of—the relationship of the mind to the body.  It must be experienced and released through the body—through the channel that the energy and trauma came through originally.  So the first step is to being to understand where it is that you are no longer in full alignment, no longer fully inhabiting your own body, so that this is the place of pain.  For some of you this will be obvious.  This will be clear. Whether it is a spinal column that fails you, or some sort of pain in the stomach or a complete dissociation with parts of your body that ware violated, you will know what parts of your body are not longer fully inhabited by you.  These are parts you might feel pain in, not want to look at or touch, etc.  And the path to healing lies precisely in re-experiencing those parts of your body, in reconnecting with those body parts.


Isn’t this traumatic?  Of course it is. We never said that connecting with that pain would be easy.  But it is your responsibility to connect with the parts that were disassociated  from, which carry within them the energy of trauma, by re-inhabiting those body parts and allowing that energy to be re-experienced in some way, so it is released and you re-experience it in a way that does not run from the energy, but moves through it. 


Feeling your body and begin to relate to it, again, as if it were new to you.  Gently, slowly.  Let’s take the example of someone who has a spinal injury.  That is very painful.  Perhaps it is a disk or some other aspect of the spine that causes pain, and that pain can be debilitating, all consuming.  We know that it is so painful.  We know what it is like to experience this.  Yes, we understand that this is not a way of being in the world that permits joy and wonder and curiosity and the celebration of life.  Instead, you are thinking of your back and how painful it is, and perhaps you are in bed resting at all times, and you are wondering, Will this ever end?


But your path, however arduous it might be, is through that very place of pain.  It is there you must begin to be with the pain, more and more, and to really listen to it, and feel it as it comes up.  You must befriend your pain in the sense that you must become deeply intimate with it, experience it as something that you can get to know and feel fully.  Not run from it, not hide from it, not numb out.  Because that is running from the pain, and it is what you all do. You run from pain, even the slightest pain, even though pain is just an experience, a sensation.  And yes, you might find it incredibly discomforting, but in most cases, unless truly severe, pain can be felt, and survived. The pain alone will not kill you. 


We are not saying there is not a place for preventing pain and allowing yourself some respite.  No, we are not saying that you can never do that.  But the path of healing requires you to make peace your pain, to feel it fully, and to listen to to what it is telling you.  For it will eventually tell you that you believe something about what occurred, about your perception of what occurred, and that perception was invariably wrong and is what it allowing your body to experience his pain.  It is this belief that keeps you out of alignment with your body, that keeps you from inhabiting that portion of your body fully.  And so we will end with the idea that your path forward is through the pain, and to start feeling that pain, in and out, as if it were a meditation itself.  We did not say this would be easy or that you would no feel pain along the way.  It is through the pain though that you must travel to unwind the part of you that tells yourself some belief, some creation of meaning, about the event that transpired, and this is what keeps you out of alignment withy your own body and in pain. 


Transmission over.

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