Accelerate Your Awakening!
9-Week Program for Inner Healing & Soul Realignment

Starts October 5, 2019!

  • Are you ready to release painful emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living from your soul?

  • Are you ready to feel empowered with tools and techniques to heal your own inner wounds

  • Are you ready to accelerate your healing so that you can experience feeling alive, whole, and connected with God?

  • Are you ready to open to a future of infinite possibilities, and to a life of joy, wonder and awe?

If so, then this program is for you!   

Sign up now!  There are only 20 spots.  

This is a highly intensive and deeply transformative program, and I need to keep the group small to ensure the best possible experience.   

  • With this size, I can focus on each of you in the way that you need and deserve.  I don’t rely on a team of other coaches or healers.  I do all of this work on my own because that’s the responsibility I’m undertaking when we do this kind of soul-level work together.

These spots will fill up fast, so if you are interested, sign up for a discovery call to see if you are ready for this program.  Because of the intensive nature of the work involved, Patrick & the Council will be selecting those who are most committed and ready for this kind of soul-level work.  We are putting together a soul group of people who resonate with each other and can work together to support each other's healing and growth. ​

Enjoy an unbelievable discount!  

This is a beta-version of a new group coaching program.  If you join the program, you'll be one of the courageous few who are taking a leap of faith with me, and to reward that commitment, I am offering the program at a considerable discount.  In return, you get a wealth of information and healing.  In exchange, I ask only that you commit to completing the full program and agree to a written and/or video testimonial (positive, negative or mixed) at the end of the program.

Course Outline

The Program is built around 9 different lessons.   

Each lesson is designed to align you with your soul.

Lesson #1:  What It Means to Heal

  • Explore the nature of consciousness.

  • Learn how to connect to the Divine.

  • Understand how healing truly works.

Lesson #2:  The Gift of Our Emotions

  • Learn to be with your emotions without resistance.

  • Understand the deep guidance emotions provide us.

  • Learn where the emotions are contained in the body and the chakra system.


Lesson #3:  Rewiring Our Beliefs

  • Learn the #1 shift you can use to respond to unpleasant thoughts right away.

  • Understand the critical relationship between thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

  • Learn powerful techniques for protecting your energy field to avoid take on others' emotions.


Lesson #4:  Healing the Inner Child

  • Identify the source of your most painful experience and the beliefs you’ve built it.

  • The most important shift you can make to heal your inner child.

  • Learn to work with your own team of spirit guides to heal yourself.

Each unit will include both spiritual teaching and wisdom, as well as specific tools for you to incorporate and use for your own healing.

Lesson #5:  The Power of Forgiveness

  • Understand the relationship between forgiveness and karma.

  • Learn powerful techniques to forgive yourself and your lineage.

  • Overcome your resistance to forgiveness.

Lesson #6:  Allowing, Accepting, Asking

  • Learn how and why to set boundaries.

  • Embrace the importance of expressing your needs, and learn how to communicate them powerfully and diplomatically.

  • Overcome your resistance to receiving.

Lesson #7:  Embracing Your Power

  • How to supercharge your intention-setting and become a magnet to receiving.

  • Heighten your intuition and work with your spirit guides to receive guidance.

  • Learn what your superpowers are and how they are part of your divine blueprint.

Lesson #8:  A New Identity 

  • Understand the importance of reframing and resilience on the spiritual path.

  • Embrace a new identity as a divine being having a human experience.

  • Be empowered to overcome with grace and ease the obstacles and challenges life throws at you.

Lesson #9: Manifesting with Joy & Wonder


  • Learn the #1 most important secret to manifestation.

  • The importance of joy and wonder to developing trust.

  • The true meaning of service. 

Program Details

  • Weekly 1.5 hour spiritual lessons via Zoom from Patrick -- a unique combination of intuitive and channeled insights!   And don't worry -- the lessons will be available for replay, so if you have to miss, you'll be able to catch up in no time.  During those sessions, Patrick will cover spiritual teachings and introduce important spiritual tools for you to use during that week's lesson.

  • Weekly meditations, visualizations, spiritual tools, and assignments to vastly accelerate your awakening and healing -- you will complete the program with a whole new toolkit!

  • Weekly 1 hour Q&A sessions via Zoom -- these sessions allow you to deepen your knowledge, ask any questions about what's surfacing for you, and refine your spiritual practices so that each week builds upon the previous one. 

  • Daily group healing work.  Patrick will be doing daily spiritual practices to heal you on a physical, emotional, and karmic level daily with a combination of prayer, mantra, family & lineage forgiveness, and soul reconnection Light transmissions.

  • Each participant gets 2 30-minute individual sessions with me -- scheduled at your convenience during the program -- in which I can share intuitive and channeled wisdom and insights from my own experiences to propel you forward with healing the past and opening to the future you are meant to live!

  • Each participant gets 3 email messages to me for direct guidance and insight for when you just need a quick response to something that comes up for you.

  • Private Facebook group where you can support your fellow participants as you progress with your awakening and healing adventure.

Are you ready for profound healing and transformation?

If you feel called to heal deeply within and accelerate your awakening with divine guidance, don't hesitate to sign up for a discovery call now and see if the program is right for you.  Even if it's not, I guarantee that in our 45-minute call together, you will feel uplifted and supported, and receive guidance about your challenges and your path ahead.

Remember, spots are limited, so sign up today for a discovery call and learn whether the program is the right fit for your needs.

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