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Are you ready to connect with the truth of who you are?

Welcome!  My name is Patrick Paul Garlinger.  I am a conscious channel for divine wisdom and spiritual truth.  I work with clients to awaken them to their truth as a divine being having a human experience.  


In my sessions and workshops, I offer my clients powerful insights and healing using a variety of intuitive skills and energy work.  I also teach my clients a range of tools, including meditation, mantra, and prayer.  You can read more about my path to awakening here.

My mission is for you to know how truly loved and lovable you are, and to empower you to heal your most serious karmic issues, emotional blockages, and limiting beliefs.  In God's eyes, you are already perfect.  Are you ready to see your own shining brilliance?  


Thank you for visiting my site! 


I know that you're overwhelmed with information, so I've distilled some wisdom of my channeled works into a 30-page ebook!  It is a brief introduction to the Christ Consciousness and how you can connect to it as part of your spiritual path.  

Your privacy is paramount, and I never share your information with any other party.


Are You Ready to Know Your Divine Self?

If you want to dive deep into your issues and to heal your inner wounds, to know the truth of who you really are and start living a divinely inspired life, then a private session is for you! 

Using intuitive and channeled information and powerful spiritual tools, Patrick will work with you to understand the karmic conditions you are currently facing and how to move forward in whatever area of life is presenting itself as a challenge--health, relationships, career, emotions, etc.  Working directly with the Light, Patrick is able to serve as a conduit for profound healing and transformation by helping you to realign yourself with the divine inside.

Each session begins with a psychic download of your needs and challenges.  Then, you and Patrick enter an intuitively led conversation, where he continues to share insights into your inner world and guide you to understand your blocks. Then, based on your needs, Patrick will give you the spiritual tools you need for your self-healing. 

Exchange: $200/hour 


To book a session with Patrick, please schedule and remit payment here.


Refunds & Cancellations:

You may cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours prior to the session time.  If you reschedule less than 24 hours prior to your session, the cost of the session will be forfeited. This policy ensures that your time slot is made available to someone else who needs it.

Legal Disclaimer:


I am required under the law to state the following: You agree and acknowledge by using this site or hiring me for a private session that none of the information contained on my site or provided in a session shall be construed as business, legal or medical advice, and that any such information is provided for entertainment purposes only.


Please check out summaries of my books as well as a selection of radio shows, videos, and articles for insights on the ego, the Christ Consciousness, working with time, manifestation and the Law of Attraction, and a host of other spiritual topics.   


"I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I met with Patrick. I had never had energy work before. I wasn't even sure I knew exactly what it was! The experience was more powerful than I could have imagined. His presence, clarity and ability to understand what I was feeling and transform it into healing, was deeply moving. I felt very very seen and supported, with wisdom that helped me for months after our session, reverberating through many parts of my life. I remain deeply grateful." Y.S., New York, NY

© 2020 Patrick Paul Garlinger

Disclaimer: All services provided and information offered on this website and any other site associated with Patrick Paul Garlinger are not intended as a substitute for professional medical, therapeutic, or clinical advice.  I am not a licensed medical doctor, psychologist, or social worker. You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care.  Spiritual healing is not guaranteed to prevent, treat, or cure any condition or disorder.  Your use of this site and any information, advice, techniques, tools, advice, and any suggestions provided here, on social media, in workshops or in sessions is done so at your own risk and constitutes a release of liability of Patrick Paul Garlinger.